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I wanted to take a minute to formally thank you for the CPR & First Aid Training course I recently participated in.
The unintimidating manner in which you conducted the course, your sense of humour, your constant review of the material, your patience, reminders, and your little anecdotes all served us well to help remember what we needed to, to succeed.
It was great meeting you! Keep up the good work!
Kindest Regards,
Carmen Tessier, CIP
Claims Representative
OTIP P&C Claims Services

Dear Chris;
Thank you for the CPR and AED training sessions you provided our staff at the Centre In The Square.
I found that you and your co-provider (Hi Cynthia!) are one of the best providers of first response training around. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication made for an awesome experience! I have had nothing but positive feed back from my staff regarding the training the, received.
We have identified first response training as an important factor and asset we can provide the guests and patrons who visit the Centre each year. The hardest part of the process was selecting a provider that suited our specific needs and budget. Thanks to Diamond Medical we have that provider!
I am looking forward to sitting down and further discussing with you the opportunity of having you be our first response and first aid provider for an extended term. Thank you once again Chris and Cynthia for the excellent sessions!
Best regards,
Robert Sonoda
Manager of Operations and Technical Services
Centre In The Square
Kitchener, Ontario

Hi Chris;

Just wanted you to know you are the talk of the office this week. Everyone was totally impressed with the training and thoroughly enjoyed the way you made a slightly boring but essential topic both entertaining and informative.
Thanks, again, Chris.
Have a super day!
Elaine Millen
Administrative Assistant

c/o Drs. Jones, Scott, Kalbfleisch and Haley
Kitchener, Ontario

Thoughts from Craig Lichty...

I chose the fire service many years ago; in my mind, but never knew how to exactly pursue this desire.
Approximately 4 years ago, I became aware of The Pre-Service Firefighter Program at Conestoga College and enrolled in the part-time courses. I have always enjoyed working with people as part of a team, and realized this through being a mechanic for 10 years prior to being hired by the Waterloo Fire Department.As a firefighter I enjoy the variety and unknown of each call, and I truly believe we are put in the midst of bad situations and we are to do all we can to make it better.
As I mentioned, I attended the Pre-Service Firefighter Program part-time. This takes approximately 4 years, 2 nights a week. Some of the main fire courses are Fire Behavior, Fire Prevention and Education, Rescue Operations and Emergency Patient Care to name a few.
While taking the Conestoga College courses, I also obtained my DZ license and Fire Rescue Management & Defibb. I too volunteered where and when I could in the community I live in, I believe that my job interview began as soon as I started school because our instructors were from the fire service. This was a great oppourtunity to show our skills from week to week and to prove our dedication in pursuing a career in the Fire Service. Each course & each teacher was another contact.
If being a firefighter is what you want, you need to be committed to that goal. There will be sacrifies along the way. The competition is extremely tough, therefore; you need to do all you can to put yourself above the other candidates. Some ways you can do this is by showing interest in the city department you would like to work at, take extra courses and help volunteer at community events. You have to really want I, and go for it, you can't sit back and think the job will come to you.
I chose Waterloo because I am most familiar with the city, and did my placement hours there and had the opportunity to meet and get to know a lot of great people, also I became familiar with their equipment.
Additional Advice: stay up to date with fitness exams, keep current with other courses, continue to update resume as courses are completed and don't fall behind in the college program or a 4 year program could turn into a 5 year program.

Testimonial from Captain Rick Steinman.
I was 21 years old, had what I thought was my dream job. Great hours, good benefits and an average wage. Then one day I was approached by a member of the local volunteer fire department. Like he had done several times in the past, asked if I was interested in joining the department. I replied saying I would have to think about it for a while and a few days later contacted the gentleman and accepted a position of probationary volunteer firefighter. Next, I was invited to a meeting, sworn in, given a pager and the rest is history.
Six months and a few alarms into my new adventure, I had firefighting in my blood. I told myself that I want a change in my life; I want to become a career firefighter. The next step was to discuss this move with my family. They were a little skeptical due to the fact of my current security with my present job and that I would never work a regular 9 – 5 job again.
I began taking courses offered to volunteers by the Ontario Fire Collage and other departments within the Region of Waterloo’s Mutual Aid system. A respectable resume began to develop as did the applications to both Kitchener and Waterloo Fire Departments. In the 1980’s, you had to live within city limits to apply for most departments, with the exception of KW. I worked hard not only to stay current with my credentials but also to stay physically fit.
A little over four years later, the City of Waterloo called and offered me employment which I gratefully accepted. This career offers such a wide range of enjoyment and satisfaction. From helping those in need, providing fire safety and education to the general public, and becoming a mentor to children in the community, this job has it all. Also, each “Tour of Duty” is different; you never know what is in store for you and your crew.
I have been a proud career firefighter with Waterloo for 17 years now and Deputy Chief of Wellesley volunteer fire department for 5 years. I enjoy coming into work today, as I did that August morning in 1988.
Enjoy your career.
Yours truly,
Captain Rick Steinman Waterloo Fire Department

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